3 Point Quick Hitch

What’s The Problem With 3 Point Attachments

For anyone who has spent much time around tractors, the thoughts of changing 3 point implements on the tractor will make you remember trying to bang the pins in or out of the side arms, trying to get everything to line up just right, or worse, spending an hour changing an implement out to do a 20 minute job. Sometimes in my experience, it seemed like a better idea to have a tractor for each implement. When I first heard of a quick hitch it sounded too good to be true, but once I saw it, I realized that with the quick hitch, and quick hitch ready attachments, it is a huge time saver that any tractor owner would love to use.

How Does a Quick Hitch Work?

A quick hitch mounts on to the back of your tractor where a normal 3 point attachment would go, but instead of being an implement it is a connector to connect your tractor to a quick hitch acceptable attachment. The quick hitch has hook shaped couplers where the pins normally would be, so that the operator can back up to the attachment, lift it up, and close two levers and have the implement completely connected (except for a PTO shaft if applicable.) A quick hitch must be designed to match the category of the 3 point hitch of the tractor, either a cat.I or cat.II.


3 thoughts on “3 Point Quick Hitch”

  1. Top of the Day.
    We have a 2008 New Holland T2410 mfwd with cab. It has a rock shaft, but no links lifts or 3rd arm. Do you have a kit that will work on our tractor? Or know where we can find one to buy. Thanks. Scott

    1. Scott,

      We hear about this quite often, and unfortunately you will need to take your tractor to the parts department of your local dealer, and see what all you do or do not have. Missing a three point hitch is quite terrible, but can be fixed. Once you have a three point hitch, let us know what category it is, and we can recommend the right quick hitch for your tractor. Thanks for reading!


  2. Great job! I’ve already got quick-attach on the front of my New Holland skidsteer, but a quick hitch rear-mounted 3-point would be a pleasure to use on my old IH! Hooking it up is a 2-person operation under the best of circumstances.
    I’m gonna check this baby out!

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