5 Keys To A Great Disc Harrow

Get The Most Out Of Your Disc Harrow

When buying a disc harrow, it is important to look for one that will perform the task you need for many years to come. The right disc harrow will easily handle the job you need it to, and can last for generations.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when shopping for a new disc harrow.

1. Buy a USA made harrow

The quality in a USA made attachment can greatly exceed a chinese made implement. The quality of the welds, the materials used in construction, and the pride in the workmanship are all keys to a great attachment, and a reputable USA based company will always prevail against a chinese cheaply made product.

2. Check the angle of the gangs

The gangs of discs should be angled as much as possible, or adjustable. If the gangs are in a fixed position that doesn’t have a sufficient angle, it will go over the ground very smoothly, but not tear into the soil as much as needed. The angle of the gangs is what gives a disc harrow its bite. An adjustable harrow will allow you to set the perfect angle for your soil conditions. Choose a disc harrow that can be easily adjusted without tools to save time and frustration.

3. Heavy equals better

Tractors do not have downforce on the three point hitch, so it is important to get a disc harrow that weighs enough to push the discs into the soil. If you don’t have a heavy enough disc harrow, you will have to stack blocks on top of it to make it heavier which could lead to frustration or unsafe working conditions.

4. Know what style discs you need.

Most disc harrows are offered with smooth or notched discs. If you have hard, clay like ground conditions, the notched discs are what you are looking for. If your ground more closely resembles sand, a smooth disc will give you the performance that you need. Keep in mind the style of discs can also be mixed upon request by most manufacturers.

5. Ease of use

Disc harrows require maintenance, some would even say they need lots of maintenance. To make a disc harrow a lifetime attachment, you need to keep bolts tightened and axles greased. You will also have to buy parts eventually, so a disc harrow that uses odd sized axles or discs could be a hard to find parts for later on down the road.

All of these things were considered when we started making our own disc harrows a few years ago. We looked at what makes a disc harrow great and designed ours to outperform and outlast our competitors, all while keeping the middlemen out of our sales process so you can get a world-class disc harrow for the same price most dealers are paying for similar attachments  at a discounted wholesale price.

3 thoughts on “5 Keys To A Great Disc Harrow”

  1. My front yard is hard-pack dirt with a fair amount of rock lurking beneath. Is there a disk harrow that would be heavy enough that I can pull with my lawn tractor? This ground is hard!

  2. The angle really is everything when it comes to choosing a disc harrow for your skid steer. As the article points out, if they’re not angled enough it just isn’t going to rip into the ground like you want it to. When you’re going to choose a disc harrow to buy you want to carefully inspect it and make sure that it has the discs you need and that they’re on the right angle.

  3. I don’t know why people spend the extra money on a tiller, disc harrows can do a good enough job without powdering the dirt too much. I have been using mine for years.

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