5 Things You Can Do With A Tractor

The first tractors were built over 100 years ago, and since then, tractors have been a large part of machinery bought and sold in the United States, but those who have never owned a tractor often mutter the words “What would I do with a tractor?” When considering the projects you could tackle with a tractor, you must keep in mind what a tractor is built to do, the jobs can be summed up to: gardening, caring for livestock, landscaping, cleaning up debris, and light construction. While not every tractor owner will do all of these tasks, the tractor can still handle them, and other things that might be similar that you do not yet realize.

Gardening has played a major role in the past and present of every civilization on Earth, but it is long hours, hard work, and not something that everyone has time to do properly. When the tractor was first invented, one of the first places it was put to use was the garden. Mankind had been using mules and other animals to pull plows and other tools across the ground, but a tractor didn’t have to rest, eat, or choose sometimes it didn’t want to work that day, so it was a natural choice that the tractor would take over in the field. A tractor can help with almost every stage of gardening, it plows, tills, beds, seeds, cultivates, and in some cases helps harvest. Many people today would not have the time to grow a garden if it was not for the faithful tractor in the barn.

Tractors make owning livestock so much easier, imagine caring for all those hungry beasts without hay bales. Tractors cut down the hay, help it dry out with a tedder, prepare it for baling with a hay rake, bale it, and even transport the bales when finished, The modern hay making process revolves around a tractor!

Maintenance of your lawn is probably one of the biggest money-savers you can do with a tractor. From the time land is cleared off, tractors can play a vital role in perfecting green grass that would be the envy of anyone. A tractor with a root rake can remove debris from the dirt, a box blade can fill in low spots, and a fertilizer spreader can put the seeds out for you. To manage large lawns, it is almost a necessity to own a tractor.

Cleaning up after trees will also leave you content of your tractor purchase, if you equip it with a brush grapple on the front end loader. A grapple is much like a regular tractor bucket, except that it has a hydraulically driven top mounted cap that squeezes down on branches or the trunk of trees to move them from one place to another. Some grapples have a single top clamp while others have 2, and some even have spacing in the bottom of the bucket to allow dirt to fall through.

In most construction projects, the need for digging a hole trench will arise, surprisingly a tractor with the right attachments is perfect for these jobs. A trencher can be placed on the three point hitch of most tractors, allowing it to dig a trench up to 8″ wide, and several feet deep(depends on tractor and trencher). Holes are as simple as pulling a few levers with a properly equipped tractor, start the auger, lower the auger, its that simple Everything Attachments Shows How To Use a 3 Point Auger.

While some feel that tractors are a thing of the past, it is clear that through innovations in attachments, tractors are more useful than ever, and will be in the arsenal of gardeners, farmers, home owners, and builders for years to come.

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  1. It’s interesting that you mentioned that a tractor can help with almost every stage of gardening. I’ve always lived in the city, but now that I’m married and older, we’ve decided to move onto my wife’s old family farm and take over. It’s definitely a learning experience for me, but watching her family do work out on the farm and how they use machinery like tractors is really interesting. I’m excited to learn and be able to contribute as well.

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