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Ansung tractor attachments are growing in popularity lately, largely due to their reputable name as a quality attachment manufacturer, but there is more to the name than that. Many users of Ansung attachments don’t realize that they are using them because they are largely re-branded  Ansung has many years of experience producing high quality attachments, and has added some features to their attachments that make owning/operating them so much easier, and has secured them a spot in the attachment industry for almost 30 years.

Ansung started in 1986 in South Korea making attachments for the local rice fields and farming industry, and began growing quickly. In today’s world, you can find Ansung front end loaders, backhoes, tillers, and more being sold at tractor stores as O.E.M. equipment. A large part of the global success of Ansung attachments is  the quality they put into their attachments, while the great pricing found on Ansung attachments doesn’t hurt either. There are other attachment manufacturers that also adopt Ansung implements as their own such as Everything Attachments. When a manufacturer has other companies willing to put their name on someone else’s products, it speaks volumes to the stability of the product.

Many of the things that Ansung has done to their attachments go largely unnoticed, they simply try to add safety and convenience features that should have always been on the attachment since its Spiral Gears in Ansung Tillers beginning. Ansung has helped owners of their world famous tillers by using spiral shaped gears to reduce wear and noise in the gearbox, not to mention they put a 5 year warranty on the gearbox of every tiller in their line. Pallet forks have largely had a round bar in the upper fork anchor, allowing the forks to slide to the side when you travel on uneven ground without a load, Ansung uses locking forks on all of their pallet forks to ensure the forks stay where you want them to be.

Ansung has come a long way since its humble beginnings in South Korea, and set a high bar for other manufacturers to beat, I think this company is here to stay for many years to come.

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  1. I have a ansung 2540 front end loader. Model #2540 serial # 71385. I located in Jackson, ms where can I order a part for controls. Thank fotR any help ou might help with. It’s about 7 yrs old. A Tornado turn tractor over and broke a part.

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