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5 Tips On How To Use a Scrape Blade

When snow gets dumped on you it almost never goes away as fast as it came, so sometimes we have to take measures into our own hands. Unless you want to spend a few days with a snow shovel in your hand, the best way to get rid of unwanted snow is with a tractor and a scrape blade. A scrape blade usually is mounted on the 3 point hitch of a tractor, and is wide enough to extend past the tires on both sides after it is set at a slight angle.

1. Angle For Windrows

When you are scraping a road or the middle of a parking lot, it is important to remember to angle your blade so that the snow will windrow off to one side. If you try to keep the scrape blade straight the snow will eventually start to move to both sides, but the amount of weight you will have will definitely hinder your performance. If you angle the blade, the snow will roll of to the side, keeping the weight down and the center path nice and clear.

2. Forward And Reverse

Know when to go forward and when to go in reverse. The scrape blade can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing you to push snow for short runs as opposed to dragging and windrowing on longer runs. If you are clearing out parking spaces, reverse is going to be a better option for you, if you are scraping a road, a long run in forward gear will probably work better.

3. Offset

If you find yourself scraping beside a road, whether it be for snow or not, use the offset feature. The offset feature allows the scrape blade to go off-center behind the tractor so that you don’t have to put your tractor in the mess you are cleaning up.

4. Know The Weight of Snow

Most people think of snow as pretty and fluffy, and don’t think of it as the dense heavy mess it becomes when you scrape it up. A single cubic foot of snow can weigh as much as 20 lbs., and that is only a small piece of what your tractor will be pulling. Understand that it only takes a few seconds for your tractor to take on a few hundred pounds of the white stuff, so be careful.

5. Keep The Speed Down

Since the entire ground will be blanketed with snow, you can’t see obstacles that are laying just below the surface. Even a small crack in the concrete can do damage to your scrape blade or tractor if you are travelling too fast, keep your speed down and remember it’s not a race.

Top 5 Gardening Attachments of All Time

Man has almost always cultivated the ground, whether it be your modern day garden behind the house, or a large communal effort to feed the village, but it wouldn’t be possible without all of the time saving tools that have come around throughout the years to make this heavy task one that can be more manageable. The tools used in the garden have changed only slightly over the years, but have largely remained the same, with the biggest change being what the implement was pulled by.

Turning Plow

A simple angled moldboard that tears and turns the ground making the top vegetation a fertilizer for your garden. Without a turning plow to start the ground breaking for you, it would take much more energy to break up the unbroken ground.


Even the small hobby farms are nearly impossible without a tiller. There are many variations of a tiller, some go behind tractors, others are self propelled requiring you to simply walk behind them, yet some can be used on skid steer machines for some serious ground breaking power.

Disc Harrow

If you don’t have, or don’t need a tiller, a disc harrow is another option for breaking ground so that you can plant seeds. Disc harrows have been used to break up the dirt clods after plowing much like a tiller, but another use is to use them on unbroken ground and plant food for a deer plot.

Garden Bedder

When planting a garden, some crops do better in a raised hill as opposed to flat ground (i.e. potatoes, cucumbers, etc.). A garden bedder can be attached to the back of your tractor and create these hills for as you drive. With the furrowing attachment installed, you can have a nice ‘V’ in the top of your hills to make things even easier.


If you have ever hoed weeds in a garden, the single row cultivator will quickly become one of your favorite attachments. Simply drive the tractor over your rows and the tines on the cultivator will break up the hardening dirt on either side of your row, and pull out any weeds that have sprouted. A tractor can do in minutes what used to take hours by hand.

These 5 attachments can almost guarantee success in any garden, providing the weather cooperates. Everything Attachments offers the top quality of all of these tractor attachments, many being shipped directly to the customer from the factory, saving hundreds for a great quality attachment that can last a lifetime.

PTO Powered Brush Cutters

Tractor Rotary Brush Cutter

After land has been untouched for a few short months the grass and brush can really get out of control. The weeds slowly take over, the grass stands tall, and saplings even start to sprout through on their way to become trees. When the time comes to use the land, it can be plagued with heavy brush, briars, bees, and other annoyances that are hard to get rid of. The simplest way to get rid of all of the unwanted mess that comes from long-term unmanaged land is a rotary brush cutter. It only takes a short time for growth to become thick enough where your standard lawn mower will be very ineffective, meaning that a brush cutter will be the only way to clear and reclaim overgrown land.

A rotary brush cutter is an implement that has a PTO powered gearbox that connects to a spinning disc with usually 2 blades attached (sometimes 4). The blades are covered under a thin sheet metal deck for protection. The rotary cutter blades are heavy cast iron blades with a sharp edge on one side, and can cut through brush and small trees up to 2 inches in diameter. When using a brush cutter, it is important to wear clothes that will protect you from the briars and thorns that you are likely to find, they can easily cause cuts and scrapes to any exposed skin. Tractor rotary cutters are designed with guards so that they can properly mulch up the brush as you cut it for faster decomposition, but will not leave a clean finished look like a finishing mower will.

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Fall is Coming

Before the leaves start turning, get ahead on your lawn maintenance.  Our made in America attachments can get your lawn ready for winter with the best quality in the industry.


Everything Attachments 60" Xtreme Duty Lawn AeratorFall aeration is as important to your lawn as spring aeration. Without fall aeration your grass might not make it through the winter.

At Everything Attachments, we have the best  Everything Attachments Tractor 3 point hitch Lawn Plugger, Core Aerator independent wheel aerators available with 16 alternating depth spoons for deep aeration and grass seeding. Our long lasting sand-filled pluggers are also a popular item to get your lawn aerated quickly and easily

Spreading Fertilizer

Mowers and tractors both can spread fertilizer with PTO and ground driven fertilizer spreaders. The Agrex brand is a well known brand from Italy that we have sold for many years with great success. Agrex fertilizer spreaders are available with steel or poly hoppers, and an optional salt and sand kit for clearing sidewalks in freezing weather.

Cleaning up Leaves

AgriMetal Gas Engine Leaf & Debris Blower, Tow/Pull TypeIn order to get leaves up without blistering both hands you need a blower or a vacuum. Whether you need a dedicated ride on machine, or an attachment to pull behind your tractor we’ve got you covered. Leaf blowers can be either 3 point hitch with a PTO shaft, or a gas powered pull behind model for lawn mowers or ATVs

How to Use A Landscape Rake

Landscape rakes have been on the market for quite some time, but what do they really do? Are they a miracle attachment that will take care of all of your property needs? are tractor landscape rakes even useful for what I need to do? A landscape rake is an attachment that fits on the rear of your tractor that features curved tines on the bottom part. These tines are designed to dig through the dirt and pull any underlying debris to the top of the soil. The purpose of the landscape rake is clearing up land, but the way it does it is something very unique. The tines of a landscape rake will dig below the surface of the soil approximately 2 inches, pulling up roots, thatch, rocks and other debris to the top while allowing soil to stay in place due to the spacing in between the tines.  The curved design of the landscape rake tines makes a perfect holder for all of this debris, using the tractor to transport it to a central location and dispose of it as needed.

In our years of business we have found many uses for landscape rakes, but none as memorable as cleaning up after a flood in one of our employee’s fields beside a creek. The entire field was covered in water, leaving behind a mess of sand, limbs, roots, and other trash that was very unsightly.  We used our floating hitch deluxe landscape rake to clear out the field in a few hours, moving all the unwanted debris to a central location for disposing of, and saving the grass that was growing in his field.

Snow Blowers

When snow falls, it can take days or weeks for nature to get rid of all of the white stuff, but more often than not that isn’t fast enough for us. We need to get where we are going regardless of the weather conditions, we don’t have time to be snowd in, so we take charge and speed things up a little. Snow blowers can quickly cut out a path in the snow several feet wide, moving the snow to a more convenient location. Snow blowers can either be powered by hydraulic pressure, or by a tractor’s PTO shaft, either one will get your roads cleard quickly.

Skid Steer Snow Blowers

Skid steers can put a lot of traction behind a snow blower, and can have very high flow rates, so a hydraulically driven snow blower works excellent. Skid steer snow blowers usually come in widths from 4 to 7 feet, and can be operated with as little as 8 GPM of hydraulic flow. A hydraulic snow blower can also rotate its expulsion chute in any direction hydraulically, which helps you keep the machine moving through the snow. You should know the  hydraulic flow of your machine before hooking up to a snow blower or any other attachment for optimal results, and to avoid damaging the attachment.

Three Point Hitch Snow Blowers

The PTO shaft and 3 point hitch on the back of tractors has proved very helpful in the world of attachments so naturally, you can put a snow blower on the back of your tractor and get the snow moving. Most snow blowers mount on to a category I or II tractor three point hitch, and will use a PTO shaft to power the mechanics of the snow blower. The snow blower will pull snow from the inside of each wall towards the center of the blower, and then out a chute that can be turned to expel the snow in any direction. There is also a flap on the top of the expulsion chute that controls the angle at which the snow is expelled, which also impacts the distance it will travel.

Box Blade For Clearing or Grading

The Biggest 3 Point Box Blade

Many of our customers were asking for a heavy duty box blade, so we made our heavy duty box blade. Our heavy duty box blade weighed in at barely over 800 lbs. and 8 feet wide, and was a very popular box blade for most of our customers, but some of our customers offered up feedback on our box blades saying that they were not heavy enough, so we set the bar higher than we ever had before, and set out to make a box blade that could handle any tractor you threw at it. It would leave you wondering if your tractor was big enough for this box blade.

The Everything Attachments High Horsepower Grading – Clearing Box Blade

This new box blade is built from 1/2″ thick steel that is cut, bent, and welded right here in the USA. The 8 foot version of the grading and clearing box blade weighs around 287 lbs. per foot, totaling  2,300 lbs. Grading vast amounts of land and even clearing small trees should be no problem for this plus-ton mammoth box blade.

Landscape Rakes for Tractors

Landscape Rakes for Tractors

and why you need one for your project

Any tractor that does landscaping should have a landscape rake, they are very cost effective, and can be used to make any lawn look top notch. The curved tines of a landscape rake dig into the soil at a depth of about 2 inches, pulling out anything that may be there except for loose dirt. Once you have removed all the debris from your lawn (limbs, rocks, roots, trash), you are left with a nice top coat of soil ready for seeding. A landscape rake will quickly cover a new lawn, and may also be used to rework an existing lawn that isn’t meeting expectations.

The tines on this landscape rake exceed the necessary strength to clear debris from your lawn. This landscape rake is made in the USA, and available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot widths.

Tractor Snow Blowers 3 Point Hitch PTO Powered

Everything Attachments 3 point PTO Powered tractor snow blower
Everything Attachments 3 point PTO Powered tractor snow blower

We are now taking orders for the Everything Attachments tractor snow blower. The Everything Attachments tractor snow blower is available now in a 74″ cutting width. Our snow blower sports all of the best features a snow blower can have, 360 degree rotational chute, 3/8″ auger flighting, size 60 gear chain, adjustable skid shoes, parking stand, and a 24″ blower fan.

The 74″ tractor snow blower is made by the same South Korean company that provides our line of tillers, so we proudly put our name on this unbelievably great snow blower. The meat of a snow blower is the horizontal auger that collects the snow to the center for the fan to dispel it, which in this snow blower is built from 3/8″ thick material for extra durability.

All of our tractor snow blowers come with a one year warranty against manufacturers defects, and the full support staff of the experienced crew here at Everything Attachments.

  • For tractors with 35-50 horsepower
  • Category I & II compatible
  • 24″ diameter fan
  • Size 60 drive chain
  • Weighs 624 lbs.
  • Parking stand is standard
  • Adjustable skid holes cut in diamond shape so carriage bolts won’t slip
  • 26″ cutting height
The skid shoes use diamond shaped adjustment holes to prevent skid shoes from moving once set.
The skid shoes use diamond shaped adjustment holes to prevent skid shoes from moving once set.


Lawn Plugger Innovation

New Lawn Plugger from

For as long as I can remember, a lawn plugger has had a hole in one side to allow the drum to be filled with water, which then had to be emptied. While water is a great way to add weight to a drum style plugger, it has its downsides too, leaking, freezing, rusting the inside of the plugger over time, and messing with the water hose twice a year before you could fill it up is definitely a hassle.

The New Style of Lawn Plugger

Everything Attachments has innovated the lawn plugger and filled it with sand instead of water. The Everything Attachments V2 Lawn Plugger does not have a hole for water, and weighs enough to pull 4″ plugs from just about any ground condition (that has 4″ of dirt). The drum on the new lawn plugger is completely sealed after being filled with play sand. The weight of a cubic foot of water is 62 lbs. and a cubic foot of water weighs up to 120 lbs., which can mean almost twice the weight of the filling material, and no hose, rust, or freezing to worry about.

Should the steel frame and sand combination not be enough weight to get the desired plugs out of your lawn, the top is made to accept a weight bar for adding suitcase style tractor weights across the length of the plugger and really increasing the weight of this well designed machine.

Lawn Plugger Tines

The tines on the version 2 lawn plugger are American-made, hardened, and zinc coated for great penetration and durability in even the roughest ground conditions. Replacing the tines is as simple as a single bolt, but will not need to be done very often.