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Everything Attachments Disc Harrows

Everything Attachments has recently started offering their version of disc harrows on their website The anticipation has been high, and the opening days of sales were great on these four models of disc harrows: Xtreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow, Xtreme Duty Angle Iron Disc Harrow, Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow, and the Xtreme Duty Large Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow. While it the naming might seem confusing on these disc harrows, it is simply a matter of sizing your tractor to the right disc harrow.

The hangers are bent on the ends, and installed in an opposing fashion to add strength. Sealed bearings are used on all disc harrows from Everything Attachments
Xtreme Duty Compact Disc Harrow
Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow

Xtreme Duty Compact Angle Iron Disc Harrow: This is the smallest size of the disc harrows made by Everything Attachments, but it is not small on ability, with 12 discs available in 16″ or 18″ diameters, this disc harrow cuts a path 48″ wide to prepare a food plot or to finish breaking up dirt after plowing. This is great for small compact tractors, as it weighs around 344 lbs, depending upon disc sizes. The hangers for the gangs is made to add strength by folding the sides of them in and placing them in an opposing order. To make it a true Xtreme Duty disc harrow, all bearings are sealed roller bearing instead of the industry standard friction bearings that must be replaced every few years, this allows you to operate the harrow without maintenance for many years. This disc harrow is a great value especially when you add in the free shipping within 1,000 miles of Newton, NC!

Xtreme Duty Angle Iron Disc Harrow: A larger version for larger tractors, this disc harrow has a few more options, it can be fitted with 16 or 20 discs in either 16″ or 18″ diameter. The 16 disc model cuts a 60″ path through the dirt, while the 20 disc model cuts a 73″ path to open up a large food plot. As with the smaller version, all models are built with Everything Attachments Quality By Design® philosophy, all the angle iron is cut and bent in their facility in Newton, NC, and formed to add strength to virtually every part of its construction.

Xtreme Duty Deluxe Box Frame Disc Harrow: The most popular style of disc harrow is a box frame, and soon the most popular box frame disc harrow will be the Everything Attachments box frame disc harrow. Initially there are four variations of the box frame disc harrow, available in 16 or 20 disc configurations, and 18″ or 20″ diameter discs. Like the angle iron versions, it features sealed roller bearings, and formed gang hangers for added strength and durability. The angle on the box frame disc harrow is adjustable on front and back by the use of two screw jacks, no pins to remove and bang back into place, just turn the hand until you reach the desired angle.

Xtreme Duty Deluxe Large Box Frame Disc Harrow:  This is the largest disc harrow offered by Everything Attachments, and it is HUGE!! With the standard number of 20 discs, this harrow can be upgraded to 24 discs, and the discs start out at 18″, and can be upgraded to 20″, or 22″ diameters.  Weighing 1ver 1400 lbs, dirt stands no chance against this massive steel monster, the 20″ and 22″ models have upgraded the shafts to 1-1/8″ thickness, while the angle is easily controlled by the screw jack located at the front and back of the attachments.

Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Large Box Frame Disc Harrow
Everything Attachments Xtreme Duty Large Box Frame Disc Harrow

Best Value on Chain Drive Tillers


Chain drive tillers have been used to break up dirt for planting for many years, and many companies have introduced their own brand of tillers, here is the one we find to be the best tiller for the money on the market today. The Tillers that EverythingAttachments offers as their own brand are manufactured in South Korea, by a company known as Ansung. Ansung attachments have been sold as O.E.M. attachments on many different brands of tractors for many years, and have been meeting the demands of customers for years.
74" Chain Drive Tiller
Ansung chain drive tillers are available in sizes from 48″ to 74″, and include free shipping to a staffed commercial business or trucking terminal within 1,000 miles of their office in Newton, NC! The tiller is available in 48″, 52″, 62″, and 74″ widths and can weigh as much as 620 lbs, and in the case of a 74″ tiller it can be used on a tractor with up to 55HP.

Model Tilling Width No. of Tines Slip Clutch Weight Recommended HP
YJC 048 48″ 20 STD 330 lbs. 15-30
YJC 052 52″ 36 STD 450 lbs. 15-35
YJC 062 62″ 36 STD 554 lbs. 25-40
YJC 074 74″ 42 STD 620 lbs. 30-55

Best value on chain drive tillers