Best Value on Chain Drive Tillers


Chain drive tillers have been used to break up dirt for planting for many years, and many companies have introduced their own brand of tillers, here is the one we find to be the best tiller for the money on the market today. The Tillers that EverythingAttachments offers as their own brand are manufactured in South Korea, by a company known as Ansung. Ansung attachments have been sold as O.E.M. attachments on many different brands of tractors for many years, and have been meeting the demands of customers for years.
74" Chain Drive Tiller
Ansung chain drive tillers are available in sizes from 48″ to 74″, and include free shipping to a staffed commercial business or trucking terminal within 1,000 miles of their office in Newton, NC! The tiller is available in 48″, 52″, 62″, and 74″ widths and can weigh as much as 620 lbs, and in the case of a 74″ tiller it can be used on a tractor with up to 55HP.

Model Tilling Width No. of Tines Slip Clutch Weight Recommended HP
YJC 048 48″ 20 STD 330 lbs. 15-30
YJC 052 52″ 36 STD 450 lbs. 15-35
YJC 062 62″ 36 STD 554 lbs. 25-40
YJC 074 74″ 42 STD 620 lbs. 30-55

Best value on chain drive tillers

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