Box Blade For Clearing or Grading

The Biggest 3 Point Box Blade

Many of our customers were asking for a heavy duty box blade, so we made our heavy duty box blade. Our heavy duty box blade weighed in at barely over 800 lbs. and 8 feet wide, and was a very popular box blade for most of our customers, but some of our customers offered up feedback on our box blades saying that they were not heavy enough, so we set the bar higher than we ever had before, and set out to make a box blade that could handle any tractor you threw at it. It would leave you wondering if your tractor was big enough for this box blade.

The Everything Attachments High Horsepower Grading – Clearing Box Blade

This new box blade is built from 1/2″ thick steel that is cut, bent, and welded right here in the USA. The 8 foot version of the grading and clearing box blade weighs around 287 lbs. per foot, totaling ¬†2,300 lbs. Grading vast amounts of land and even clearing small trees should be no problem for this plus-ton mammoth box blade.

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