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3 Point Quick Hitch

What’s The Problem With 3 Point Attachments

For anyone who has spent much time around tractors, the thoughts of changing 3 point implements on the tractor will make you remember trying to bang the pins in or out of the side arms, trying to get everything to line up just right, or worse, spending an hour changing an implement out to do a 20 minute job. Sometimes in my experience, it seemed like a better idea to have a tractor for each implement. When I first heard of a quick hitch it sounded too good to be true, but once I saw it, I realized that with the quick hitch, and quick hitch ready attachments, it is a huge time saver that any tractor owner would love to use.

How Does a Quick Hitch Work?

A quick hitch mounts on to the back of your tractor where a normal 3 point attachment would go, but instead of being an implement it is a connector to connect your tractor to a quick hitch acceptable attachment. The quick hitch has hook shaped couplers where the pins normally would be, so that the operator can back up to the attachment, lift it up, and close two levers and have the implement completely connected (except for a PTO shaft if applicable.) A quick hitch must be designed to match the category of the 3 point hitch of the tractor, either a cat.I or cat.II.

Seed Planter by Cole

Cole Seed Planter
Cole Seed Planter
Seed Planter By Cole
Seed Planter By Cole

Now you can find Cole brand seed planters at, and plant your entire garden from the seat of your tractor. Cole planters have long been known for their quality, and are a great addition to Everything Attachments. All planters come with interchangeable gears and seed plates to control plant spacing for different size seeds, and are made in the US.

Seed Planter by Cole

Tractor Plows

Most companies that make tractor plows have been doing so for many years, but there is one plow that is fairly new to the market that is making sense to a lot of tractor owners. The Everything Attachments line of 3 point tractor plows has plows for everything from compact tractors all the way through huge earth eating machines that make good use of double bottom plows to really get the job done quick.

All of the Everything Attachments garden plows are made in America, with most of the parts being made in Newton, NC at Everything Attachments factory. Some components of these superior quality plows are purchased from other American manufacturing facilities for a truly American made attachment for your tractor. The compact tractor plow offered at Everything Attachments is a normal 12″ bottom that is mounted on a smaller frame with a 22″ main beam to allow it to easily mount to the smaller hitch on subcompact tractors.

Everything Attachments full single bottom plows are available in 12″, 14″, and 16″ bottoms depending upon the power your tractor has, and there are double bottom plows available with 12″ and 14″ bottoms.

Everything Attachments Plows For Sale

Everything Attachments Factory in Google Street View

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New Attachment To Harvest Potatoes

We have recently gotten a new attachment available to us to speed up and improve the process of digging potatoes. We have been selling potato plows for years, we even have engineered our own version that we can’t seem to make enough of, but nothing had prepared us for the next big thing in potato harvesting. We were told of a PTO powered potato harvester that would pull potatoes up to the top of the soil, and damage less of them so we had to see it. The Spedo Potato Digger is a simple machine that performs lots of work efficiently and surprisingly well for such a simple apparatus. The potato harvester connects to a category I hitch, with the PTO shaft powering a cam that causes the front edge of the potato digger to scoop up the dirt, and vibrate the heavier potatoes to the top and then out the back leaving a nice neat row of potatoes to be picked up for processing. Potato harvesters make the hardest part of harvesting potatoes (digging them up) the least time consuming part of the task. More about potato harvesters.

Tractor Weights

Does Your Tractor Weigh Enough?

Tractors are coming out today with high horsepower ratings due to engine efficiency developments, but when joined with light weight inexpensive body parts, the weight to keep the tractor is simply not there any more. Many farmers and gardeners are having to add lots of weight to their tractors to help keep them from spinning up the dirt, or to even be able to lift objects without turning over. There are a few ways to add weight to a tractor, but none as effective as adding tractor wheel weights or suitcase weights to the wheels or frame.

Ways To Add Weight

In years past many tractor owners have used liquid in the tires to add weight, which is quite effective, but makes changing tires more expensive, and more trouble. Adding liquid also forces the owner to find a way to deal with freezing in colder climates which can really bring up the cost of maintaining liquid filled tires. Another seemingly effective and very cost effective way to add weight is to simply put a heavy attachment on the tractor to help with traction. Adding an implement to add traction has no extra cost, is quick and easy, but not very helpful if you need to use the 3 point hitch and add weight to the back of the tractor at the same time.

Tractor Wheel Weights

Tractor wheel weights simply bolt on to the wheels of your tractor to weigh down the tractor on the back axle. When adding wheel weights it is important to buy the right weights for your tractor so the bolt pattern will match your wheels.

Tractor Suitcase Weights

A set of suitcase weights will weigh your tractor down in the front by hanging on the frame that is factory installed, or by using one of the custom brackets designed to fit your tractor. The suitcase weights are the easiest to add or remove from the tractor, many times just lifting them off is all that is required (other times they are bolted).

Find wheel weights or suitcase weights for any tractor!

Gardening Attachments

Tractor Garden Attachments!

We have almost finished passing through another winter, and now it is time to focus on getting the garden ready for what is a record breaking year of crops. Whether you have a home garden or a full scale farming operation, we have attachments that will save you time in the garden, and hopefully make every square inch of your garden more efficient. Our garden attachments can take you from virgin ground to high crops all by using your tractor’s 3 point hitch to break, bust, move, and clear the ground in as few passes of a tractor as possible.

Tractor Plow

All first time gardens, and most gardens that are less than 5 years old should start with a turning plow to break up the ground and turn the existing vegetation over to decompose. The biggest issue here is choosing a plow that will maximize your tractors power by turning over as much ground as possible. Most compact or sub-compact tractors use a compact tractor plow due to the narrow design of the 3 point hitch on these smaller tractors, and some larger tractors are able to pull 2 bottom plows turning over more ground than a single bottom plow.

Tiller or Disc Harrow?

Tractor operators all have their own preference when it comes to breaking up the dirt clods in the garden after plowing, but both are effective in their own way. A rotary tiller uses the tractor’s PTO (power take off) to turn the gearbox powering the tines of the tiller to tear through the ground and an adjustable lift gate on the back to control how fine the dirt is when it comes out the back.  A disc harrow works very differently than a tiller, but achieves the same effect by using its sheer weight to push thin angled discs into the dirt clods on top of the broken ground and finish pulverizing it. The difference in a tiller and disc harrow is usually the price, as the tiller is much more expensive than a disc harrow.

Garden Bedder

Setting up rows and hills for your garden takes time, but much less when you use a garden bedder which turns three passes of the tractor into one single pass. The brunt of the work a garden bedder does is done by the discs. The discs are angled and spaced out to leave the dirt in a neat, straight hill. There is a set of sweeps that can be mounted on the back of the garden bedder that will dig out the tire tracks left by your tractor which helps to combat compaction. A furrowing attachment is an option that is commonly put onto garden bedders and digs a nice “V” shape into the top of the hill for you to put your seeds in. All of this can be done in a single pass that takes minutes with a tractor instead of hours with a hoe.

GB 60 Garden Bedder
Shown are the discs, and sweeps

One Row Cultivators

We have all taken a hoe into the garden to pull weeds out of the garden, and remember how long it takes. A one row cultivator is built with a high center so it can pass over the crops while the tines are in the dirt pulling out the weeds. Once the cultivator pulls out the weeds, it leaves behind soft broken dirt once again so the roots can keep growing. The cultivator is designed to be useful until the crops reach a height tall enough to choke out the weeds on their own.

3 point cultivator
Single Row Cultivator


Ansung Attachments

Ansung tractor attachments are growing in popularity lately, largely due to their reputable name as a quality attachment manufacturer, but there is more to the name than that. Many users of Ansung attachments don’t realize that they are using them because they are largely re-branded  Ansung has many years of experience producing high quality attachments, and has added some features to their attachments that make owning/operating them so much easier, and has secured them a spot in the attachment industry for almost 30 years.

Ansung started in 1986 in South Korea making attachments for the local rice fields and farming industry, and began growing quickly. In today’s world, you can find Ansung front end loaders, backhoes, tillers, and more being sold at tractor stores as O.E.M. equipment. A large part of the global success of Ansung attachments is  the quality they put into their attachments, while the great pricing found on Ansung attachments doesn’t hurt either. There are other attachment manufacturers that also adopt Ansung implements as their own such as Everything Attachments. When a manufacturer has other companies willing to put their name on someone else’s products, it speaks volumes to the stability of the product.

Many of the things that Ansung has done to their attachments go largely unnoticed, they simply try to add safety and convenience features that should have always been on the attachment since its Spiral Gears in Ansung Tillers beginning. Ansung has helped owners of their world famous tillers by using spiral shaped gears to reduce wear and noise in the gearbox, not to mention they put a 5 year warranty on the gearbox of every tiller in their line. Pallet forks have largely had a round bar in the upper fork anchor, allowing the forks to slide to the side when you travel on uneven ground without a load, Ansung uses locking forks on all of their pallet forks to ensure the forks stay where you want them to be.

Ansung has come a long way since its humble beginnings in South Korea, and set a high bar for other manufacturers to beat, I think this company is here to stay for many years to come.