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Snow Blowers

When snow falls, it can take days or weeks for nature to get rid of all of the white stuff, but more often than not that isn’t fast enough for us. We need to get where we are going regardless of the weather conditions, we don’t have time to be snowd in, so we take charge and speed things up a little. Snow blowers can quickly cut out a path in the snow several feet wide, moving the snow to a more convenient location. Snow blowers can either be powered by hydraulic pressure, or by a tractor’s PTO shaft, either one will get your roads cleard quickly.

Skid Steer Snow Blowers

Skid steers can put a lot of traction behind a snow blower, and can have very high flow rates, so a hydraulically driven snow blower works excellent. Skid steer snow blowers usually come in widths from 4 to 7 feet, and can be operated with as little as 8 GPM of hydraulic flow. A hydraulic snow blower can also rotate its expulsion chute in any direction hydraulically, which helps you keep the machine moving through the snow. You should know the  hydraulic flow of your machine before hooking up to a snow blower or any other attachment for optimal results, and to avoid damaging the attachment.

Three Point Hitch Snow Blowers

The PTO shaft and 3 point hitch on the back of tractors has proved very helpful in the world of attachments so naturally, you can put a snow blower on the back of your tractor and get the snow moving. Most snow blowers mount on to a category I or II tractor three point hitch, and will use a PTO shaft to power the mechanics of the snow blower. The snow blower will pull snow from the inside of each wall towards the center of the blower, and then out a chute that can be turned to expel the snow in any direction. There is also a flap on the top of the expulsion chute that controls the angle at which the snow is expelled, which also impacts the distance it will travel.

Box Blade For Clearing or Grading

The Biggest 3 Point Box Blade

Many of our customers were asking for a heavy duty box blade, so we made our heavy duty box blade. Our heavy duty box blade weighed in at barely over 800 lbs. and 8 feet wide, and was a very popular box blade for most of our customers, but some of our customers offered up feedback on our box blades saying that they were not heavy enough, so we set the bar higher than we ever had before, and set out to make a box blade that could handle any tractor you threw at it. It would leave you wondering if your tractor was big enough for this box blade.

The Everything Attachments High Horsepower Grading – Clearing Box Blade

This new box blade is built from 1/2″ thick steel that is cut, bent, and welded right here in the USA. The 8 foot version of the grading and clearing box blade weighs around 287 lbs. per foot, totaling  2,300 lbs. Grading vast amounts of land and even clearing small trees should be no problem for this plus-ton mammoth box blade.

Landscape Rakes for Tractors

Landscape Rakes for Tractors

and why you need one for your project

Any tractor that does landscaping should have a landscape rake, they are very cost effective, and can be used to make any lawn look top notch. The curved tines of a landscape rake dig into the soil at a depth of about 2 inches, pulling out anything that may be there except for loose dirt. Once you have removed all the debris from your lawn (limbs, rocks, roots, trash), you are left with a nice top coat of soil ready for seeding. A landscape rake will quickly cover a new lawn, and may also be used to rework an existing lawn that isn’t meeting expectations.

The tines on this landscape rake exceed the necessary strength to clear debris from your lawn. This landscape rake is made in the USA, and available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot widths.

Tractor Snow Blowers 3 Point Hitch PTO Powered

Everything Attachments 3 point PTO Powered tractor snow blower
Everything Attachments 3 point PTO Powered tractor snow blower

We are now taking orders for the Everything Attachments tractor snow blower. The Everything Attachments tractor snow blower is available now in a 74″ cutting width. Our snow blower sports all of the best features a snow blower can have, 360 degree rotational chute, 3/8″ auger flighting, size 60 gear chain, adjustable skid shoes, parking stand, and a 24″ blower fan.

The 74″ tractor snow blower is made by the same South Korean company that provides our line of tillers, so we proudly put our name on this unbelievably great snow blower. The meat of a snow blower is the horizontal auger that collects the snow to the center for the fan to dispel it, which in this snow blower is built from 3/8″ thick material for extra durability.

All of our tractor snow blowers come with a one year warranty against manufacturers defects, and the full support staff of the experienced crew here at Everything Attachments.

  • For tractors with 35-50 horsepower
  • Category I & II compatible
  • 24″ diameter fan
  • Size 60 drive chain
  • Weighs 624 lbs.
  • Parking stand is standard
  • Adjustable skid holes cut in diamond shape so carriage bolts won’t slip
  • 26″ cutting height
The skid shoes use diamond shaped adjustment holes to prevent skid shoes from moving once set.
The skid shoes use diamond shaped adjustment holes to prevent skid shoes from moving once set.


Lawn Plugger Innovation

New Lawn Plugger from

For as long as I can remember, a lawn plugger has had a hole in one side to allow the drum to be filled with water, which then had to be emptied. While water is a great way to add weight to a drum style plugger, it has its downsides too, leaking, freezing, rusting the inside of the plugger over time, and messing with the water hose twice a year before you could fill it up is definitely a hassle.

The New Style of Lawn Plugger

Everything Attachments has innovated the lawn plugger and filled it with sand instead of water. The Everything Attachments V2 Lawn Plugger does not have a hole for water, and weighs enough to pull 4″ plugs from just about any ground condition (that has 4″ of dirt). The drum on the new lawn plugger is completely sealed after being filled with play sand. The weight of a cubic foot of water is 62 lbs. and a cubic foot of water weighs up to 120 lbs., which can mean almost twice the weight of the filling material, and no hose, rust, or freezing to worry about.

Should the steel frame and sand combination not be enough weight to get the desired plugs out of your lawn, the top is made to accept a weight bar for adding suitcase style tractor weights across the length of the plugger and really increasing the weight of this well designed machine.

Lawn Plugger Tines

The tines on the version 2 lawn plugger are American-made, hardened, and zinc coated for great penetration and durability in even the roughest ground conditions. Replacing the tines is as simple as a single bolt, but will not need to be done very often.

New Best In Class Root Grapple For Sub-Compact Tractors

50″ Compact Utility Root Grapple For Compact and Subcompact Tractors

The new 50″ compact utility root grapple from Everything Attachments is the best grapple you can put on a compact tractor with 35 HP or less. This grapple is made from high yield strength steel, and can be lightened all the way down to 255 lbs. You won’t have to use all of your lift capacity on a heavy grapple, leaving more safe lifting capacity for brush, logs, etc. Many compact tractor owners have been putting on heavy grapples for years, leaving them in harm’s way by reducing tractor stability and possibly damaging their tractors.  Along with free shipping this grapple is a dream come true for small tractor owners who have the need to grapple from time to time.

50 Inch Root Grapple with Single 30 Inch Lid
50 Inch Root Grapple with Single 30 Inch Lid
Compact Utility Grapple With Removable Slats
Compact Utility Grapple With Removable Slats

The Compact Utility Grapple measures 50″ wide, with a single centered 30″ hydraulically controlled lid. This design keeps it from being too bulky on a small tractor, and the single lid opens and closes much faster than it would with a double lid since it only has one hydraulic cylinder. The tines of this grapple are laser cut out of 1/4″ thick high strength steel. The tines are separated by 10 inches of space without the removable slats installed, with them installed the openings are reduced to 5 inches.


What Makes A Good Lawn Aerator?

Different Types Of Aerators

Between the small aerators that you can wear on your feet to the large industrial grade monsters, choosing the best aerator for a lawn can be difficult. Aerators are supposed to effectively aerate the soil and grass roots, break up hardened or settled dirt, and allow fertilizer and seed to penetrate the ground, all without breaking up more of the existing lawn than necessary. While there are many aerators on the market that can perform these tasks, there are also some that can even do more harm to your lawn than good.

What Makes An Aerator Perform?

The simple answer to this question is weight, but weight alone does not guarantee a great aerator. Drum style lawn aerators are exactly what their name says, hollow drums laid on their side, that are then filled with water to add weight. While the water added can easily add hundreds of pounds of weight, if the tines that do the work are not coring tines that remove plugs of dirt from the ground, then the weight doesn’t matter because you are not achieving the goals of lawn aeration. The spikes found on some lawn aerators do penetrate the ground, but since there is no hollow core for the dirt to move into, they actually compact the ground around the hole even more, making it harder for roots to grow through on new grass.

The Right Kind Of Coring Tines

These small tines are welded directly onto the drum of a core aerator, making it difficult to replace if broken
These small tines are welded directly onto the drum of a core aerator, making it difficult to replace if broken

The optimum length of cores that you want to pull from your lawn is around 4″, this means that the coring tine needs to be about 5″ in length, and have a tapered shape to allow the cores to easily travel through. Tines of the proper length are essential, but to make a truly great owning experience, an aerator should have easily replaceable tines, not small cores welded directly onto the drum.


Turning With An Aerator

Independent Wheel Aerator Turning is sometimes necessary when aerating your lawn, but with a drum style aerator, it is not possible. A drum style aerator will bend or break tines off in the ground if you turn with it, due to the number of tines in the ground at the same time, and them all being attached to the same object. There is a style of aerator that is called an independent lawn aerator that has several wheels, this allows the aerator to have some turning capabilities by all the wheels being completely independent.

All styles of lawn aerators are available at

Flail Mowers

The Most Versatile Mower You Can Put On A Tractor

Flail mowers are often labeled as expensive unnecessary pieces of equipment when users compare nothing more than the price to other mowers, but many times forget to add in the cost of the other mowers you need to do all the tasks that a flail mower can do. Flail mowers can be used to clean up rough brush, finish lawns without leaving windrows, and even on sports fields for an unbelievable finish, all with the safety that any operator would want for themselves and anyone that might be close by. After investing in a flail mower, many users find themselves using them for more things than they had planned on, without the maintenance that some other styles of mower would have you doing.

Flail mowers use a fast rotating drum to sling many small blades, which will cut grass and small brush with a  clean cut up to a certain size, but not stall the machinery if it encounters an object it cannot cut or move. Once the roller has been set to the proper height, the flails will groom your lawn leaving the cut up grass an even blanket of the mulched up grass. The flail mower runs off of the PTO shaft of a tractor, without the use of belts, so with a little oil in a few places, the only maintenance you will be doing is replacing dull blades.

The rear area of flail mowers is covered with metal plates or chains to prevent and debris from flying out and possible injuring someone. These safetey plates or chains safely deflect wood chips, rocks, or other debris without jamming up the mower or creating a hazard.

3 Point Quick Hitch

What’s The Problem With 3 Point Attachments

For anyone who has spent much time around tractors, the thoughts of changing 3 point implements on the tractor will make you remember trying to bang the pins in or out of the side arms, trying to get everything to line up just right, or worse, spending an hour changing an implement out to do a 20 minute job. Sometimes in my experience, it seemed like a better idea to have a tractor for each implement. When I first heard of a quick hitch it sounded too good to be true, but once I saw it, I realized that with the quick hitch, and quick hitch ready attachments, it is a huge time saver that any tractor owner would love to use.

How Does a Quick Hitch Work?

A quick hitch mounts on to the back of your tractor where a normal 3 point attachment would go, but instead of being an implement it is a connector to connect your tractor to a quick hitch acceptable attachment. The quick hitch has hook shaped couplers where the pins normally would be, so that the operator can back up to the attachment, lift it up, and close two levers and have the implement completely connected (except for a PTO shaft if applicable.) A quick hitch must be designed to match the category of the 3 point hitch of the tractor, either a cat.I or cat.II.

How To Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is the key to having the greenest grass around, but how do you properly aerate your lawn? Many people struggle with the idea of how to aerate, but once they get started, they realize that not only is lawn aeration easy, it is the easiest way to improve the look and feel of your lawn and keep thick green grass coming back year after year. Here you can learn the theories behind aeration, when to aerate, and where to get the best aeration supplies.

aerated lawn
These are cores or plugs pulled out of a lawn when aerated

The key to understand aerating your lawn is to realize what the point of aeration is. Over time the soil that makes up your lawn becomes hard, this is caused by compaction due to: human traffic, animal traffic, tractors, cars, trucks, or even settling under its own weight. A lawn aerator simply cuts out cores of dirt, and lays them on the surface of the lawn so that rain can dissolve the dirt and fill the hole in with loose, non-compacted dirt. After the dirt falls back in the holes that are left after aeration, the entire lawn can absorb water better, and roots can grow easier, making the grass healthier. In order for the aerator do work, the soil needs to be slightly moist, and the aerator has to be heavy. Lawn aerators work by weight, it is the weight of the aerator that gives it the power to pull out 3-4 inch plugs.

lawn plug
Core of aerated lawn

Lawns need to be aerated twice a year for best results, once in the spring, and once in the fall. The spring time aeration gives you a great opportunity to fertilize your lawn, the fertilizer pellets will fall into the soil, allowing the roots of the grass to reach it easier. It is also a good idea to sow grass seed out when you aerate to grow new grass and keep it your lawn looking great. The fall aeration allows water to easily reach the roots of your lawn while it is dormant, helping it come back greener in the spring time.

When aerating your lawn, the right products will get you the best results. Be sure to use an aerator that removes plugs from the lawn instead of one that pushes spikes into the lawn, as a “spiker” can worsen compaction instead of helping. Shoes that offer to aerate your lawn as you are working in your lawn rarely ever achieve any real results. The best aerators on the market feature hollow tines to allow cores of soil to come out, and are heavy so that they can push their tines deep into the lawn.

The perfect aerator for lawn maintenance would need to be heavy, yet maneuverable, inexpensive, but not cheap, and something that the average homeowner can care for, much like the one that Everything Attachments has developed.

Lawn Aerator
Everything Attachments Lawn Aerator

Ted from Everything Attachments has designed this aerator from the ground up with the sole purpose of being the best performing aerator on the market, at a factory direct price that all homeowners can afford. The wheels of the lawn aerator are made from 22 3/16″ plates bolted together, weighing a total of 85 lbs., so the wheels alone weigh 510 lbs. on the smallest size aerator, more than enough to get good cores out of your lawn.