Everything Attachments Hydraulic Couplers Options

Our standard coupler size is 1/2″, however you may order with 3/8″ couplers at no additional charge.

The standard configuration is 1 male and 1 female. You may order with 2 males or 2 females at no additional charge.

Flat Face Couplers are available for an additional $75.00


3/8″ (left), 1/2″ (center), and flat face (right)
3/8″ male – Pioneer 4010-3P 11PT
3/8″ Female – Pioneer 4050-3P
1/2″ Male – Pioneer 8010-4 1/2-14NTPF
1/2″ Female – Pioneer 4050-4 1/2-14NTPF
Flat Face Male – 18NW Parker FEM-502-8FP
Flat Face Female – 120w Parker FEM-501-8FP-NL

20 thoughts on “Everything Attachments Hydraulic Couplers Options”

  1. I have a Kubota L 3830, I am debating between the 60″ & the 66″ double lid Wicked Grapple. Which would be best and why?
    Les Smith from Tyler TX

  2. I have a Kubota L-3430 (cab) with a LA 723 FEL. Will the new 200#, 55″ grapple be a good fit for my tractor ? What hydraulic couplers do you recommend.

    Bob Z.

    1. It will be fine on your tractor.
      The new rake grapple takes lightweight grapple construction to the next level and maintains strength at the same time.
      Ted proved it by testing the grapple on our L6060 and putting footage on YouTube for the world to see.
      The dozer-like tine geometry promotes a small tractor’s ability to push the tines through the ground with ease.
      The root rake style allows you to pull brush, vines and other debris backwards, which isn’t recommended with many long bottom grapples.
      55” root rake grapple http://www.everythingattachments.com/55-Inch-Wicked-Root-Rake-Grapple-p/eta-55-wrrg.htm

      On the other hand, your tractor isn’t really dependent on the ultra-light weight and you can push our unobstructed long-bottom Wicked Grapple tines through the ground.
      You should be able to grab a larger pile of brush with the traditional Wicked style because you can cradle and physically fit more “inside” it.
      60” wicked grapple
      Single vs dual lid is up to you. Dual lids clamp extremely awkward loads more efficiently and will grab loose material like firewood better.
      Single lid http://www.everythingattachments.com/Compact-Tractor-Single-Lid-Wicked-Root-Grapple-p/eta-slrg.htm
      Dual lid http://www.everythingattachments.com/Wicked-Root-Grapple-by-Everything-Attachments-p/eta-wrg-cmp.htm

      If you need a 3rd function kit to actuate the grapple, we have you covered there as well: http://www.everythingattachments.com/3rd-Function-Hydraulic-Kit-p/tra-3rd-funcl.htm
      Take $50 when buying the grapple and kit together.

    1. Our Compact Wicked RR Grapple will be the best because it’s only 200 pounds.
      If you have the JD quick attach bucket, It’ll fit perfect! I’ll not charge you the $50 extra for the JD quick attach if you order one.

      We also offer the WR Long Selector valve kit if you need extra hydraulic outlets for it. $787.00

      Feel free to call if you have questions.

  3. I have a Mahindra Max 26XL HST. I am looking for a grapple for moving limbs, rail road ties and brush, safely. It is a 26hp compact.

  4. I have a Mahindra 3540 with quick attach front end loader. I would like to get the wicked root grapple. What size would you recommend? The third function hoses will be installed next week by Mahindra. Also, what would the cost be to send to the Mahindra dealership in Newberg, Oregon? Thanks.

    1. Most would choose 60″ or 66″ for that tractor, but weight doesn’t vary much between the different Wicked Grapple sizes, so it really comes down to personal preference.
      Give me a call to discuss the pros/cons of going small or large and double lid or single lid. We can also discuss shipping.
      Thanks for the inquiry.

  5. I have a 50 horse tym tractor and I am thinking of one of your50 inch root grapples. I have dual rear remotes so I would need hoses long enough to reach the rear of the tractor.l live in Shaftsbury Vermont area code05262. What would be the total cost for the grapple and shippin along with longer hoses .

    1. We can make the hoses 60″ long, but you’ll need to get the jumper hoses locally to run it to the rear of your tractor.
      $1,492 with free shipping to a staffed commercial business or to the freight terminal in Glenmont or Schenectady NY.
      OR shipping to your home/farm/home business would be $110.
      Give Travis a call if you have questions.

      Our 50″ grapple is intended for compact tractors up to around 35hp, so the 54″ Single Lid Wicked Grapple is really a better match for your tractor. Shown here for $1690: http://www.everythingattachments.com/Single-Lid-Root-Grapple-p/eta-slrg.htm

      1. Would this single lid system be appropriate for a John Deere 3046R and will it work the quick detach H165 loader as well. Maybe the 66 or 72″?



        1. Yes, either would be a great fit for your tractor. We offer the JD style quick attach for no additional charge.
          Thanks for the inquiry!

  6. I have a Kubota BX-25D-1 tractor with front loader and backhoe. I’m thinking about adding a grappler for the front. The front bucket is quick-attach. The tractor is stock and does not have a third function valve setup yet. What would I need to add a grappler?

  7. Hello, I have a 30hp Kubota with quick attach. Looking to purchase one of your root grapples. Which width would you recommend, 60 or 66? Also Trying to estimate shipping cost near Sacramento CA 95240. Ship to a business with unloading ability.

    Thanks, Mark
    Sheldon Tractor

    1. Shipping would be $175 to a staffed commercial business or to the freight terminal in Tracy or Stockton.

      For a 30hp, I recommend the 60″, 54″ or even the 50″ single lid grapple to maximize your lift capacity. Any of those would work great on your tractor.

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