Flail Mowers

The Most Versatile Mower You Can Put On A Tractor

Flail mowers are often labeled as expensive unnecessary pieces of equipment when users compare nothing more than the price to other mowers, but many times forget to add in the cost of the other mowers you need to do all the tasks that a flail mower can do. Flail mowers can be used to clean up rough brush, finish lawns without leaving windrows, and even on sports fields for an unbelievable finish, all with the safety that any operator would want for themselves and anyone that might be close by. After investing in a flail mower, many users find themselves using them for more things than they had planned on, without the maintenance that some other styles of mower would have you doing.

Flail mowers use a fast rotating drum to sling many small blades, which will cut grass and small brush with a  clean cut up to a certain size, but not stall the machinery if it encounters an object it cannot cut or move. Once the roller has been set to the proper height, the flails will groom your lawn leaving the cut up grass an even blanket of the mulched up grass. The flail mower runs off of the PTO shaft of a tractor, without the use of belts, so with a little oil in a few places, the only maintenance you will be doing is replacing dull blades.

The rear area of flail mowers is covered with metal plates or chains to prevent and debris from flying out and possible injuring someone. These safetey plates or chains safely deflect wood chips, rocks, or other debris without jamming up the mower or creating a hazard.

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