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Tractor Garden Attachments!

We have almost finished passing through another winter, and now it is time to focus on getting the garden ready for what is a record breaking year of crops. Whether you have a home garden or a full scale farming operation, we have attachments that will save you time in the garden, and hopefully make every square inch of your garden more efficient. Our garden attachments can take you from virgin ground to high crops all by using your tractor’s 3 point hitch to break, bust, move, and clear the ground in as few passes of a tractor as possible.

Tractor Plow

All first time gardens, and most gardens that are less than 5 years old should start with a turning plow to break up the ground and turn the existing vegetation over to decompose. The biggest issue here is choosing a plow that will maximize your tractors power by turning over as much ground as possible. Most compact or sub-compact tractors use a compact tractor plow due to the narrow design of the 3 point hitch on these smaller tractors, and some larger tractors are able to pull 2 bottom plows turning over more ground than a single bottom plow.

Tiller or Disc Harrow?

Tractor operators all have their own preference when it comes to breaking up the dirt clods in the garden after plowing, but both are effective in their own way. A rotary tiller uses the tractor’s PTO (power take off) to turn the gearbox powering the tines of the tiller to tear through the ground and an adjustable lift gate on the back to control how fine the dirt is when it comes out the back.  A disc harrow works very differently than a tiller, but achieves the same effect by using its sheer weight to push thin angled discs into the dirt clods on top of the broken ground and finish pulverizing it. The difference in a tiller and disc harrow is usually the price, as the tiller is much more expensive than a disc harrow.

Garden Bedder

Setting up rows and hills for your garden takes time, but much less when you use a garden bedder which turns three passes of the tractor into one single pass. The brunt of the work a garden bedder does is done by the discs. The discs are angled and spaced out to leave the dirt in a neat, straight hill. There is a set of sweeps that can be mounted on the back of the garden bedder that will dig out the tire tracks left by your tractor which helps to combat compaction. A furrowing attachment is an option that is commonly put onto garden bedders and digs a nice “V” shape into the top of the hill for you to put your seeds in. All of this can be done in a single pass that takes minutes with a tractor instead of hours with a hoe.

GB 60 Garden Bedder
Shown are the discs, and sweeps

One Row Cultivators

We have all taken a hoe into the garden to pull weeds out of the garden, and remember how long it takes. A one row cultivator is built with a high center so it can pass over the crops while the tines are in the dirt pulling out the weeds. Once the cultivator pulls out the weeds, it leaves behind soft broken dirt once again so the roots can keep growing. The cultivator is designed to be useful until the crops reach a height tall enough to choke out the weeds on their own.

3 point cultivator
Single Row Cultivator


13 thoughts on “Gardening Attachments”

  1. I was wondering what size disc harrow you recommend for a 2003 john deere 4110 HST (20hp). Thank you!

    1. I’ll give you two choices.
      48” Xtreme Duty. The B3350 kubota tractor in the video is more powerful in hp, but similar in size to your tractor.
      If your ground conditions aren’t compacted/tough and you want to cover more ground faster, this 16 blade model is a little larger(66”)

      Feel free to email with any questions.

  2. What kind of attachments will I need to make my gardening easier? I like to grow corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and beans.

  3. I must say you have the best gardening attachments here. I had no idea how many attachments could be used to make my gardening easier. I will definetly not work as hard this year!!! lol!!!

  4. I used to garden the old fashioned way, but now I think the vegetables taste better without having to break my back! A good tractor with the right attachments is definitely the way to go.

  5. I’m looking at buying either a Ford 8N or Jubilee this Spring. What are some of the attachments that you would recommend for a tractor of that size/horsepower?

      1. What size tiller would you recommend?

        Also, I like your Bedder and was intrigued by the photo one of your customers sent in of his modification to creat wider, flat topped beds. Is it possible to buy the Bedder with two additional arms to set up a bedder bar such as that?

        1. Before buying a tiller for an older tractor such as an 8n, you should check the speed of the tractor with the engine at 540 RPMs. We have had many customers find that an 8n runs too fast in first gear at 540 RPMs to use a tiller, in that case a disc harrow would be your best option. The biggest concern with size of tillers or disc harrows, is that it be wide enough to cover your tracks.

          We can sell you our garden bedder with the additional parts to make most of what you see in the picture, but you would need to call to order, it is not a package we offer on the website.

  6. I was wondering which turnover plow fits a ford Model 1100 which is a small true diesel tractor. Also, do you think the 4 ft disc harrow weighing 344#’s is a good match for it to turn over upland coastal plain soil with no rocks at all, mostly black sandy dirt with some clay. Look forward to hear from you.

    1. With a Ford 1100 tractor, you don’t have many options due to the compact size of it, so you are going to want to go with a compact tractor plow, which is featured in our upcoming blog post, see Everything Attachments Compact Tractor Plow. As far as the disc harrow, you will need to stick with the compact angle iron disc harrow that has a fixed angle on the discs at the most aggressive position available for that size disc. Thanks for the great question.

  7. I would like to know if you guys still sell your one row cultivator and bedder set up. I would like to have one and the singel row planter that i saw on your video.

    1. Yes, we still have the one row cultivators, and we just got in some more planters, call 1-866-581-5818 and we can get you one shipped out A.S.A.P.!

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