New Attachment To Harvest Potatoes

We have recently gotten a new attachment available to us to speed up and improve the process of digging potatoes. We have been selling potato plows for years, we even have engineered our own version that we can’t seem to make enough of, but nothing had prepared us for the next big thing in potato harvesting. We were told of a PTO powered potato harvester that would pull potatoes up to the top of the soil, and damage less of them so we had to see it. The Spedo Potato Digger is a simple machine that performs lots of work efficiently and surprisingly well for such a simple apparatus. The potato harvester connects to a category I hitch, with the PTO shaft powering a cam that causes the front edge of the potato digger to scoop up the dirt, and vibrate the heavier potatoes to the top and then out the back leaving a nice neat row of potatoes to be picked up for processing. Potato harvesters make the hardest part of harvesting potatoes (digging them up) the least time consuming part of the task. More about potato harvesters.

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