How to Use A Landscape Rake

Landscape rakes have been on the market for quite some time, but what do they really do? Are they a miracle attachment that will take care of all of your property needs? are tractor landscape rakes even useful for what I need to do? A landscape rake is an attachment that fits on the rear of your tractor that features curved tines on the bottom part. These tines are designed to dig through the dirt and pull any underlying debris to the top of the soil. The purpose of the landscape rake is clearing up land, but the way it does it is something very unique. The tines of a landscape rake will dig below the surface of the soil approximately 2 inches, pulling up roots, thatch, rocks and other debris to the top while allowing soil to stay in place due to the spacing in between the tines.  The curved design of the landscape rake tines makes a perfect holder for all of this debris, using the tractor to transport it to a central location and dispose of it as needed.

In our years of business we have found many uses for landscape rakes, but none as memorable as cleaning up after a flood in one of our employee’s fields beside a creek. The entire field was covered in water, leaving behind a mess of sand, limbs, roots, and other trash that was very unsightly.  We used our floating hitch deluxe landscape rake to clear out the field in a few hours, moving all the unwanted debris to a central location for disposing of, and saving the grass that was growing in his field.

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