The Best Grapple For Kubota BX Tractors

Subcompact tractors are very popular with land owners due to the lower price and smaller size, but can they really do any work? At Everything Attachments we made the best grapple to get the most work done with a small tractor.

Kubota makes a BX line of tractors that are very popular with small land owners. The BX Kubotas are different than other tractors, the loaders aren’t as wide, and the frame is lighter. These challenges mean that the grapple has┬áto be smaller and lighter, and still be strong enough to get the job done.

We worked hard to make the hitch on this Wicked Root Grapple so that these small tractors could get the most out of their limited lifting capacity with a great grapple that wouldn’t overload their front end loader.

We use higher grade steel that is much stronger, so we don’t have to use the thicker steel like our larger Wicked Root Grapples. We find ways to use bracing to add strength to the grapple without adding the extra weight of thicker steel.

The Wicked Root Grapple for Kubota BX tractors only weighs 150 lbs., and is built with AR400 high strength steel. The overall width is 48 inches, with a 40 inch wide lid that opens a full 30 inches for grappling large objects.

The hitch is compatible with LA203, LA210, LA240, LA243, and other smaller Kubota loaders.

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