Landscape Rakes for Tractors

Landscape Rakes for Tractors

and why you need one for your project

Any tractor that does landscaping should have a landscape rake, they are very cost effective, and can be used to make any lawn look top notch. The curved tines of a landscape rake dig into the soil at a depth of about 2 inches, pulling out anything that may be there except for loose dirt. Once you have removed all the debris from your lawn (limbs, rocks, roots, trash), you are left with a nice top coat of soil ready for seeding. A landscape rake will quickly cover a new lawn, and may also be used to rework an existing lawn that isn’t meeting expectations.

The tines on this landscape rake exceed the necessary strength to clear debris from your lawn. This landscape rake is made in the USA, and available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot widths.

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