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For as long as I can remember, a lawn plugger has had a hole in one side to allow the drum to be filled with water, which then had to be emptied. While water is a great way to add weight to a drum style plugger, it has its downsides too, leaking, freezing, rusting the inside of the plugger over time, and messing with the water hose twice a year before you could fill it up is definitely a hassle.

The New Style of Lawn Plugger

Everything Attachments has innovated the lawn plugger and filled it with sand instead of water. The Everything Attachments V2 Lawn Plugger does not have a hole for water, and weighs enough to pull 4″ plugs from just about any ground condition (that has 4″ of dirt). The drum on the new lawn plugger is completely sealed after being filled with play sand. The weight of a cubic foot of water is 62 lbs. and a cubic foot of water weighs up to 120 lbs., which can mean almost twice the weight of the filling material, and no hose, rust, or freezing to worry about.

Should the steel frame and sand combination not be enough weight to get the desired plugs out of your lawn, the top is made to accept a weight bar for adding suitcase style tractor weights across the length of the plugger and really increasing the weight of this well designed machine.

Lawn Plugger Tines

The tines on the version 2 lawn plugger are American-made, hardened, and zinc coated for great penetration and durability in even the roughest ground conditions. Replacing the tines is as simple as a single bolt, but will not need to be done very often.

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