New Best In Class Root Grapple For Sub-Compact Tractors

50″ Compact Utility Root Grapple For Compact and Subcompact Tractors

The new 50″ compact utility root grapple from Everything Attachments is the best grapple you can put on a compact tractor with 35 HP or less. This grapple is made from high yield strength steel, and can be lightened all the way down to 255 lbs. You won’t have to use all of your lift capacity on a heavy grapple, leaving more safe lifting capacity for brush, logs, etc. Many compact tractor owners have been putting on heavy grapples for years, leaving them in harm’s way by reducing tractor stability and possibly damaging their tractors. ¬†Along with free shipping this grapple is a dream come true for small tractor owners who have the need to grapple from time to time.

50 Inch Root Grapple with Single 30 Inch Lid
50 Inch Root Grapple with Single 30 Inch Lid
Compact Utility Grapple With Removable Slats
Compact Utility Grapple With Removable Slats

The Compact Utility Grapple measures 50″ wide, with a single centered 30″ hydraulically controlled lid. This design keeps it from being too bulky on a small tractor, and the single lid opens and closes much faster than it would with a double lid since it only has one hydraulic cylinder. The tines of this grapple are laser cut out of 1/4″ thick high strength steel. The tines are separated by 10 inches of space without the removable slats installed, with them installed the openings are reduced to 5 inches.


3 thoughts on “New Best In Class Root Grapple For Sub-Compact Tractors”

  1. This article is on the best grapple I have ever used, if you want more lifting capacity, and better performance, you should buy this grapple today. There are some great grapple videos from Everything Attachments on Youtube.

  2. Is the compact grapple available for the John Deere 3038e compact tractor? If so, does the 3038e have sufficient hydraulics to handle the grapple?

    1. The compact root grapples come with two hitches, universal skid steer quick attach, or the John Deere quick attach, there is no price difference.

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