Top 5 Gardening Attachments of All Time

Man has almost always cultivated the ground, whether it be your modern day garden behind the house, or a large communal effort to feed the village, but it wouldn’t be possible without all of the time saving tools that have come around throughout the years to make this heavy task one that can be more manageable. The tools used in the garden have changed only slightly over the years, but have largely remained the same, with the biggest change being what the implement was pulled by.

Turning Plow

A simple angled moldboard that tears and turns the ground making the top vegetation a fertilizer for your garden. Without a turning plow to start the ground breaking for you, it would take much more energy to break up the unbroken ground.


Even the small hobby farms are nearly impossible without a tiller. There are many variations of a tiller, some go behind tractors, others are self propelled requiring you to simply walk behind them, yet some can be used on skid steer machines for some serious ground breaking power.

Disc Harrow

If you don’t have, or don’t need a tiller, a disc harrow is another option for breaking ground so that you can plant seeds. Disc harrows have been used to break up the dirt clods after plowing much like a tiller, but another use is to use them on unbroken ground and plant food for a deer plot.

Garden Bedder

When planting a garden, some crops do better in a raised hill as opposed to flat ground (i.e. potatoes, cucumbers, etc.). A garden bedder can be attached to the back of your tractor and create these hills for as you drive. With the furrowing attachment installed, you can have a nice ‘V’ in the top of your hills to make things even easier.


If you have ever hoed weeds in a garden, the single row cultivator will quickly become one of your favorite attachments. Simply drive the tractor over your rows and the tines on the cultivator will break up the hardening dirt on either side of your row, and pull out any weeds that have sprouted. A tractor can do in minutes what used to take hours by hand.

These 5 attachments can almost guarantee success in any garden, providing the weather cooperates. Everything Attachments offers the top quality of all of these tractor attachments, many being shipped directly to the customer from the factory, saving hundreds for a great quality attachment that can last a lifetime.

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