Tractor Attachments

Tractors Are Only As Good As Their Attachments.

A tractor is a large, powerful machine, ready to pull, push, or crush anything in sight. Four massive wheels digging into the ground turning hard ground into fertile soil, or dragging heavy objects to their place, nothing will get in a tractor’s way! However, the real heroes when it comes to putting your tractor to work are the tractor attachments. Without tractor attachments, a tractor is a vehicle for one, slowly pulling you to your destination. Tractor attachments are mounted on the front or back of a tractor, through the universal skid steer quick attach standard, or through the 3 point hitch on the back of most tractors. When used properly, tractor attachments make most jobs easier, faster, and more efficient, and yes there is a tractor attachment for every job.

Tractor Attachments For Gardening

Single Row Cultivator
The Leinbach single row cultivator in use.

Gardening is by far the most common use for tractor attachments, no one wants to go out into the field with a mule, plow, and hoe anymore. With a tractor, you can go from virgin soil to ready to plant hills in as little as 3 passes, one to plow, one to till, and one with a garden bedder to build the bed and create the furrow for the seeds or young plants. After the plants have grown some, the weeds can start to overtake the rows, so a quick pass with a row cultivator can help keep the weeds under control.  Not only are tractors good for preparing soil and removing weeds, but insecticides and other necessary sprays can be sprayed with a three point tractor attachment.

Tractor Attachments For Landscaping

Tractor land leveler recovering an old dirt road
Tractor land leveler recovering an old dirt road

When you can move large mounds of dirt with a quick pull of a tractor, you can create nice beautiful landscape scenes with just a few easy to use tractor attachments. Once you have a fresh pile of dirt ready dumped close by a low spot, a box blade can drag it across the low point and fill it in level with the ease of moving a lever. Gravel roads can be restored with a land leveler cheaper and easier than bringing in new gravel.

13 thoughts on “Tractor Attachments”

  1. Looking to purchase one of your 3pt. core aerators for my 2012 BX2360. I have a little over an acre and do not plan on using it more than twice a year. Which one of your products do you recommend?

  2. Hey guys, looking for a power ditcher for three point hitch and 54 HP at the pto. Ditches that need touching up and digging are 15 to 20″ or so. Any ideas? thanks

    1. Sorry, but that item is no longer available, and the company that made it is out of business. I don’t know of any other item that is similar to it either.

  3. I have a FCC grapple model #10066-9125 an in need of a rock guard, the metal and plastic parts, for one of the grapple hyd cylinders, thanks for your help

    1. Bob,
      Contact the parts department at Paladin for a diagram and part numbers for what you need (1-800-456-7100). Then call us to get a quote Paladin only sells through dealers and will not sell to you directly.

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