Tractor Backhoes

Why Every Tractor Should Have One

Every kid that played in the sand had a toy like a backhoe, so why should our toys for playing in the dirt as adults be any different? Backhoes are simply easy to use machines that can quickly dig a hole, move a rock, dig out a stump, etc, the list goes on and on, so having a tractor without a backhoe on it is really short changing yourself.

What does it do?

A backhoe is designed to dig into the ground with its stabilizer feet, and use hydraulic cylinders to dig the bucket into the dirt with an extreme force. When you add the teeth to the bucket of a backhoe, you really get a machine that can penetrate the ground under even difficult conditions, this action makes for a quick digging machine. Digging is not the only job that a backhoe can handle, the bucket can quickly fill in a hole, or smooth out part of a lawn, not to mention clean out a ditch or trench to help with water management.

Types of backhoes

The biggest difference in backhoes is how they connect to the tractor. The most common type of backhoe that goes on consumer level tractors is the 3 point version, it simply uses the 3 point hitch that is prominent on almost all tractors, from there it ties into the remote hydraulic valves if the tractor has them In the absence of remote hydraulic valves, a separate PTO powered hydraulic pump is usually available. For added strength, some backhoe manufacturers offer a sub-frame mount, which bolts on the frame underneath the tractor, reaching almost to the front where the loader mounts, then the backhoe attachment connects to the sub-frame when in use. The best fit up for your tractor will depend on the size of the tractor and the work you desire to do.

More jobs for your backhoe

With an added thumb, your backhoe can really help with heavy lifting, light destruction, material movment, and so many other new tasks, some have fixed thumbs, others are able to add a hydraulic thumb for a really strong attachment.

The folks at Everything Attachments offer backhoes for most sizes of tractors, and can definitely recommend what type of backhoe you will be happiest with, give them a call at 1-866-581-5818 to get your backhoe!

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