Tractor Scrape Blades

Tractor scrape blades have been a very popular attachment since the earliest days of tractors, but what is it that makes them so great? Scrape blades are usually made between 4′ to 8′ in width, and have a¬†hardened¬†bottom edge that will not wear as fast when scraped across abrasive materials. Scrape blades are used to mold and maintain roadways, move materials, and pretty much anything else your imagination can come up with.

While dirt road maintenance tops the list of most common uses of a scrape blade, it is by far not the only one. The convenient ditches on either side of your road did not magically appear, and the crown that helps put water into the ditches did not grow up from the center just to help out. Scrap blades are in fact great for creating, spreading, and maintaining roads, while cleaning, sculpting, and molding road side ditches and road top crowns. In colder weather, scrape blades are widely used to scrape snow in parking lots, roads, driveways, etc. since they do not have side walls like a box blade, they simply push the snow off to one side or the other.

There are a few different variations of the scrape blade, mostly the variations are to allow adjustments in certain directions. Scrape blades always angle, to allow which side you want the excess material to go to, in addition many scrape blades will also angle closer to the tractor, this means you can offset it to one side or the other depending upon needs. A tilting scrape blade will tilt the blade left or right to dig deep below ground level for ditch creation or maintenance. Some blades will have a sliding bolt or additional bolt holes to allow the moldboard to be moved either left or right, in all their are 6 ways a blade can move, and that is how many of the premium blades on the market get their name.

While determining who made the first scrape blade is a difficult task, rest well knowing that there are plenty of options on the market today, just view the Tractor Scrape Blades at Everything Attachments, they have a full selection of the best scrape blades with their own version topping the list in quality and value.

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