Tractor Supply Finishing Mower VS Everything Attachments Finishing Mower

Tractor Supply is a great place to pick up some supplies for the farm, but do their attachments stack up to Everything Attachments known quality?

We compared our top quality Phoenix M72-S finish mower against Tractor Supply’s County Line finish mower to see which mower would give you the best cut and service for your money.

As of the date of this article, the County Line 6 foot finishing mower sells for $1,699.99, and has a free floating hitch system to allow it to follow the contour of the ground giving you an even cut over uneven conditions. It’s deck is made of High quality steel, and features a cast iron gearbox. The PTO shaft you will receive with your mower has a shear pin protection to prevent damage. It measures 34 in. tall, and 75 inches wide with a full 72 inch cutting path. Total weight: 670 lbs.

The Phoenix finishing mower has a current selling price of $2,335.00 which includes shipping within 1,000 miles. The Phoenix mower has a similar free floating hitch for uneven lawns, and has a slip clutch for drive line protection instead of a shear bolt (less maintenance required) and weighs 660 lbs. The Phoenix brand has solid rubber tires, a high quality 8 gauge steel deck. A smooth cut is guaranteed by three overlapping blades with specially designed baffles, and an easy to maintain belt system.

They Seem Similar, What’s The Difference?

While there doesn’t seem to be many differences on the surface between these two mowers, they have both been around for several years, so let’s check some reviews to see what people are saying.

County Line

The current rating for the County Line finish mower on Tractor Supply’s website is 2.9 stars on 44 reviews. ¬†There are: 15-5 star reviews, 3-4 star reviews, 5-3 star reviews, 3-2 star reviews, and 18-1 star reviews.

While many owners reported trouble free mowing, there were more that had problems with quality. One user even commented that the welds on it looked like they were done by beginners, and it should only be used on a perfectly level lawn.

A common problem reported was wheels bending or breaking off, pulley bearings going out, belts wearing quickly, and a time consuming process to replace worn or broken belts. Some owners even reported pulleys wearing out within hours.

Phoenix Finish Mower

The current rating on the Phoenix mower is five stars out of 4 Reviews. There are 3-5 star reviews, and 1-4 star review. The 4 star review seems to have been given due to it not having oil in the gearbox when it arrived. Some common themes¬†in the reviews are the ease of assembly, and the surprising quality of the build. This mower has been on our website for over 8 years, and we haven’t received a complaint yet.


Without investigating these mowers seem to be an even comparison, but as you look a little deeper under the surface, you see that the issue of quality vs price is the deciding factor. While there are reviews of the County Line finishing mower giving trouble free service, there are more of people regretting saving money and getting a substandard attachment.
At Everything Attachments we only offer machinery that we know will do the job needed, and not require tons of maintenance. We strongly believe that quality wins over price every time.

“The bitterness of poor quality and lack of customer service lingers long after the sweetness of price is forgotten.”

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