Tractor Weights

Does Your Tractor Weigh Enough?

Tractors are coming out today with high horsepower ratings due to engine efficiency developments, but when joined with light weight inexpensive body parts, the weight to keep the tractor is simply not there any more. Many farmers and gardeners are having to add lots of weight to their tractors to help keep them from spinning up the dirt, or to even be able to lift objects without turning over. There are a few ways to add weight to a tractor, but none as effective as adding tractor wheel weights or suitcase weights to the wheels or frame.

Ways To Add Weight

In years past many tractor owners have used liquid in the tires to add weight, which is quite effective, but makes changing tires more expensive, and more trouble. Adding liquid also forces the owner to find a way to deal with freezing in colder climates which can really bring up the cost of maintaining liquid filled tires. Another seemingly effective and very cost effective way to add weight is to simply put a heavy attachment on the tractor to help with traction. Adding an implement to add traction has no extra cost, is quick and easy, but not very helpful if you need to use the 3 point hitch and add weight to the back of the tractor at the same time.

Tractor Wheel Weights

Tractor wheel weights simply bolt on to the wheels of your tractor to weigh down the tractor on the back axle. When adding wheel weights it is important to buy the right weights for your tractor so the bolt pattern will match your wheels.

Tractor Suitcase Weights

A set of suitcase weights will weigh your tractor down in the front by hanging on the frame that is factory installed, or by using one of the custom brackets designed to fit your tractor. The suitcase weights are the easiest to add or remove from the tractor, many times just lifting them off is all that is required (other times they are bolted).

Find wheel weights or suitcase weights for any tractor!

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